Our Mission

We are focused on leveraging technology and scientific expertise to create a healthier food supply

  • Investigate: We conduct scientific research to expand our knowledge of impact of food and health.
  • Educate: We create tools, that makes it easier for people to learn about food and also put nourishing meals on the table daily. Our first portfolio is yscooks.com
  • Innovate: We support innovation in food and beverage by working with R&D teams on new substrate identification, functional claim verification and scientific literature review to guide investment decisions.

Explore The Exciting World Of Food.

Yscooks is a digital platform focused on educating, engaging, and rewarding students for making healthier dining choices. By partnering with us your students will:

  • Gain unlimited access to expertly prepared digital content on the science of food, food history, nutrition basics, food innovation for the 21st century, and more.
  • Show off your creativity and culinary skills during the YScooks food challenge. Win Prizes
  • Full access pass to YScooks live virtual events
  • Receive a digital box with easy to follow cooking videos, learning resources, and practical tips biweekly.


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